Lapsed License

A person who fails to renew his or her license within three years after its expiration may not renew it, and it may not be restored, reissued, or reinstated thereafter, but that person may apply for and obtain a new license if he or she meets all of the requirements:

  1. Has not committed any acts or crimes constituting grounds for denial of certification under Division 1.5 (commencing with section 475).
  2. Takes and passes the examination, if any, which would be required if his or her initial application for licensure was being made, or otherwise establishes to the satisfaction of the Board that, with due regard for the public interest, he or she is qualified to practice as an acupuncturist.
  3. Pays all of the fees that would be required if an initial application for licensure was being made. The Board may provide for the waiver or refund of all or any part of an examination fee in those cases in which a license is issued without an examination pursuant to this section.