Laws and Regulations Relevant to Current Public Proceedings

Approved Regulations

Notice To Consumers of Licensure by the Acupuncture Board (BPC 138), Title 16, Section 1399.469.3: effective October 1, 2016

Consumer Protection Enforcement Initiative (CPEI), Title 16, Section(s) 1399.405, 1399.419, 1399.469.1, 1399.469.2: effective October 1, 2015

Proposed Regulations

Proposed Regulations: Implementation of Senate Bill 1246, Title 16, Sections 1399.433, 1399.434, 1399.436, 1399.437:

Proposed Regulations: Uniform Standards Related to Substance-Abusing Licensees and Disciplinary Guidelines and Conditions of Probation, Title 16, Section 1399.469

AB 2699 Free and Sponsored Health Care Events, Title 16, Sections 1399.407, 1399.407.1, 1399.407.2, and 1399.407.3:

The Acupuncture Board encourages public comments on pending regulations or regulation changes. If you are interested in submitting comments on a regulations at any time, please mail, fax or e-mail your comments to the Board.